Registration 2016

Basic Guidelines

All proposals must be written in Portuguese, English or Spanish according to one of the following modes:

1) Oral presentations  (20 minutes)

2) Posters

Proposals for both formats will be evaluated and selected by the Scientific Committee and shall be attuned to the themes of this event.


We accept proposals in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

Deadline for submission: April 17th, 2016.

Authors notified on accepted submissions: April 30st, 2016.

Announcement of the event’s program: May 09th, 2016.

Event: July 12th to 14th, 2016.

Deadline for the final text for publication: August 31st, 2016.


Participants residing abroad will be able to pay on the first day of the event.

Registration for this academic gathering will be guaranteed upon deposit or money transfer to Bank Itaú (341), branch: 0409, account number: 02217-5/500.

Amounts and deadlines are as follows:


  price deadline price deadline price deadline
Graduate students R$30,00  

                    April 22th  2016


R$ 40,00  

                  May 30th 2016


R$50,00 July 12th  2016
Pos-graduates R$50,00 R$50,00 R$60,00
professionals R$70,00 R$80,00 R$90,00

Guidelines for Submissions

Download the submission form (using the link below), complete it, and send it to:

– Title.

– Choice of the presentation mode (oral presentation or poster).

– Choice of one of the four thematic axes.

– Author(s) name(s); address and email.

– Author’s presentation / professional affiliation (3 lines maximum).

– Keywords (3 to 5).

– Summary stressing the presentation’s relevance (max 2.500 characters including spaces).

– Bibliographical references.

Guidelines for publications

All texts intended for publication must be sent until August 31st 2016 to the following email:

Required format: 12 pages maximum; 2,5cm margins all around; Arial 11 pt font; 1,5 spaces; paragraphs with no indentation, justified; double space separation between paragraphs.

For citations longer than 3 lines, use a 4cm indentation, Arial 9 pt font.

For references, use the author/date system.

Explicative notes and bibliographical references must be listed at the end, using Arial 9 pt font, and simple space.

Do not number pages.

We accept up to 6 images (300dpi or 1024 pixels at the smallest dimension), with captions and credits below the image, centered, using Arial 9 pt font, simple space. The image’s location must be indicated in the text and image archives must be sent in separate JPEG files, identified with a number corresponding to the image in the text.

We remind you that all texts in Portuguese must follow the new orthographic norms. Please make sure all texts are proofread before submission, as the authors will take full responsibility for their writing’s contents. Authors are also responsible for previously obtaining any authorizations needed for image use.

At the end of the text, please provide a brief CV of the author(s) with a maximum length of 8 lines, using Arial 11 pt font, simple space.

Norms for the elaboration of posters

Posters must be manufactured with the following dimensions: 120cm (height) x 90cm (width), in a resistant material, and provided with support systems (poles) in the upper and lower parts allowing them to be hang.

They shall contain the following information:

  • Title in bold type
  • Author(s) name(s), followed by his/her/their professional or institutional affiliation;
  • Body of text:
  • Abstract and/or topics highlighting the relevance of the work;
  • Keywords in bold type;
  • Justification(s);
  • Objective(s);
  • Method(s);
  • Result(s);
  • Bibliographical reference(s) closely linked to the subject matter can be added in order to facilitate the understanding of the research;
  • An electronic address (email) for contact, as well as references to websites and institutional sponsors (such as research and development agencies) can be included in the bottom bar.



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